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* Introduce about the company

The company was founded on 15/08/2006 INS, but we had more than 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering, machine building and manufacturing the products in the construction industry. We specialize in sourcing, manufacturing equipment, steel structures, installation of equipment and process piping ...

With advanced technology, modern, our products are trusted by customers and trusted. We understand the needs of customers, so we are always updated with new designs, the most popular new products with quality products that meet high standards, aesthetic beauty and most importantly brings customers absolute customer satisfaction.

With a team of young engineers, more creative, a team of experienced divers, always trying to please, satisfy customer demand and serve effectively, most thoughtful.

You have needs, please contact:

Website: www.hiepdoanhins.com - MST: 0304539675

Address: 254/55 Duong Quang Ham, Ward 5, Go Vap District, HCMC.

D11 / 13A Quach Dieu Street, Hamlet 4, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District

Phone: 08.3765 5535 , Hotline: 0903,646,738, Fax: 08.3765 7908

* History and development of the company:

From mid-1998 - 2002, due to market demand for products serving the construction industry such as steel structures, buildings, installation of specialized equipment, from the actual requirements, the leadership we I decided to establish the company. With the criteria always bring customers the best choice. Through the years of work we have created own reputation through the typical projects:

2006: - Fabrication and installation of 20 m3 water tower in northwest Cu Chi

- Installation of boilers companies Textiles success

- Construction of the M & E works Danang CCI (2006-2009)

- Installation of Danang Rubber plant.

With these initial customers, we have confirmed the brand with quality products and provide the foundation for future years.

2007: - Production of equipment for cement factory in Long An.

- Installation of plant equipment TPR VN - Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park 2.

- Processing plant texture Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park Perstima 1

- Fabrication and installation of acid tank 2500 m3 for base chemicals Co. Ltd in Go Dau.

- Installation of MHI factory coating chamber - Singapore Industrial Zone 1 vietnam-

This is a gigantic development in engineering, we have built a team of professional in-depth, high-capacity working in difficult environments ..., thanks to a team of great engineers, the timely direction of the board Director, the product in 2007 to satisfy customers and bring good profits for the company.

2008: - Installation of home appliance mayPerstima

- Fabrication and erection of plant chemical tank Sakai - US blessing III

- Installation of plant and equipment for the production of wood Tien Phat HDF plywood

- Insulate pipes and pipe equipment Bien Hoa chemical factory

Despite difficult conditions on construction time, but with the efforts of the entire company, we have overcome and accomplish many projects during the year and stable standard of living for all brothers and sisters in the company , as well as bringing our customers the best satisfaction.

2009: - Manufacturing and installing air cooling chain Showa plastic factory

 - Manufacturing, assembly plant Tohoku drying.

But the economic crisis is serious, but our company has guaranteed the stability of jobs for you in the company, giving customers peace of mind when using our products.

* Executive Board of the company:

In typical projects, we always have a separate executive board to solve the immediate problems arising in the works. With the wise guidance of the company Board of Directors, in each steering each project has the right decisions when assigning to each man, the worker, always understanding and build relationships brothers the ultimate goal is to create products less expensive but most effective.

To expand the market, production and business lines, improve production technology and equipment as well as the progress of the management team, technical workers, our company always cooperate, associated with the application pro-business technology transfer and technical application of advanced science.

In the coming years, the Company continued to invest INS new capabilities, build better brands to bring customers the best satisfaction through each product works.


Doan Viet Thong - Director

Le Van Rot - Management Workshop

Nguyen Thi Bich Hong -Manager of Finance

Nguyen Thi Oanh - Sales Manager

Human Resources:

Our company has many dynamic young engineers more than 200 workers, skilled, well trained and regular training to update the current advanced technologies in the construction industry.

* On the operational policy: The objective of the INS within 02 years to develop diversified products, depth of expertise, equipment upgrades to expand the business scope to many provinces and cities nationwide .

To accomplish this goal, the INS is committed to providing quality products, to ensure progress and satisfy customer requirements. Company INS system implemented ISO9001 quality management system, and this system is described in detail in the quality manual of the company. INS strives to improve technology investment, capacity and equipment to meet the demands of the market and the best customer service, whether it is the most demanding customers.

* Business cooperation:

This is the primary objective of the business, is the survival of the entire company, we have always understood that the cooperation between units, these products will create more perfect, more convincing. We regularly participate in the thematic cooperation to acquire experience toward a unified business community in order to improve skills and innovative standard for each product, each work.

And soon comes to pivot our public, but what is going to bring the INS as a message to the customer that: "We chose customer satisfaction is the purpose and principles of struggle of our company ". We look forward to more and more high-quality products to serve customers.

Please warmest regards.